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About Us

Janet Fillingham Associates (jfa) was set up in 1992. We represent writers and directors working in television and feature films in the adult and family markets as well as a growing list of librettists, lyricists and composers in musical theatre. We are a boutique business, known for nurturing and career management. We're as happy plugging a gap for a writer, director or composer on an existing brand at short notice as we are working on a slower burn passion project, always aiming to match a client to the projects for which they're best suited and vice versa. 

Janet Fillingham has been entertained by a rich tapestry of stories all her life.  Highlights from her early working life include placing Sue Townsend’s dog-eared audition script about a spotty teenager (the now iconic Adrian Mole) with John Tydeman at BBC Radio Drama and sharing the delights of Patrick Barlow’s National Theatre of Brent in the era of Jim Broadbent as Wallace the hapless sidekick.  Delights from jfa years have included emotionally searing BUMPING THE ODDS, campaigning drama-doc STARDUST, the magical IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, historical murder/mystery THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER, GORDON THE GARDEN GNOME (complete with Alan Titchmarsh voice over), many compelling moments of continuing drama and in autumn 2012 the return of rumbustious and larger-than-life Sir Robert MERIVEL– and that’s just work our clients have generated or been involved in.  Keep them coming!

Kate Weston joined jfa as an agent in 2010 with a background in musical theatre and international concert productions representing high profile musical artistes and presenters.  Kate is the principal agent in theatre and live performance.    She brings experience of working on West End and Broadway productions and on international tours.  High points have included working with the late great Adrian Mitchell on a new English translation of lyrics to Piaf’s songs for Pam Gem’s PIAF in the London production starring Elaine Paige; with Marvin Hamlisch at the White House; and on the first performance of Western musical theatre in China (at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing) with MASTERPIECE: THE MUSIC OF ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER.  More recent highlights have been working with leading creators of new British musical theatre to find an international audience for new productions such as TOMORROW MORNING and with innovative British theatre such as MANCHESTER SOUND: THE MASSACRE.

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